Xiaomi Mi 4k Drone  and Technology

Technology has paved our ways to live a better life and so Xiaomi do. Xiaomi is company by China and had headquarters in Beijing. This company is serving people in all possible as well as best manners. Introducing smart phones, tablets, drones, computers, smart watches and much more day by day. But in this article we are going to discuss drone by Xiaomi. Let have a look below.


Here we are going to talk about the Xiaomi mi 4K drone having best HD camera and easy as well as safe to fly. Having great Wi-Fi connectivity And is FPV quadcopter is easy in installation too. Specifications, pros as well as cons are given below for your instance.

Mi K 4


Consisting of durable automatic landing gear and take-off gear.

You can easily set the route by using google map and drone is compatible to fly around that point.

Its weight is not much but only 450 grams.

 It is easy to carry everywhere as it is technically designed foldable for ease.

 Contains high resolution 4K camera for clicking good quality pictures as well as videos of your favorite sights.

Flight timing is about 20 to 27 minutes.

 It is offering a height limit of about 120 meters

. Its diagonal axis distance is about 434mm.

It is compatible to control under the range of 2000 meters.

 Battery is good one as it is 5100mAh.

 Comes with great GPS locating system and will never let you down

.  It is fun to fly drone by Xiaomi.

It will cost you not much but a handful amount of 406$.


Here are some pros of Xiaomi 4K drone.

It has good GPS system in and easily controlled by Wi-Fi.

Taken pictures as well as videos are being saved in storage card in drone.

 Having marvelously great feature of setting of route.

Easy to assemble as well as easy to fly is ensured.


Here I am going to discuss the darker of Xiaomi 4K drone.

 Outdoor drone.

Needs GPS to fly appropriately.

In the case when drone is out of range then it will shifted automatically to self control mode and this is dangerous as it will cause crashing of drone.Camera is average.


Aerial Photography Drone is offered by many drones now a days. Aerial photography is becoming popular day by day. As it is about elevated shooting. Some people do aerial photography through cameras in their drones and some people do it through professional cameras. As I recommend aerial photography is best done with professional camera but if you are a beginner then you will go for drones  to fulfil your wish of doing aerial photography.

Many companies like





And many others are manufacturing quality drones which are compatible to perform the duty of aerial photography. If you a learner then grab a drone and go ahead.


Time to wrap up my article as this article will help you to understand newly released drone by Xiaomi. If you want a drone which is compatible to do aerial photography along multiple features you can go for it. We wish you good luck!

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