Wltoys F949 Incredible Airplane

Times are gone when children play with toys made up of clay. In this emerging era of technology, children also want to keep pace with technology. Keeping in view this thing, WLtoys have designed many Airplane for pleasing your children. Have a look on this article.

WLtoys F949:

Now gaming is made easy by WLtoys F494. Incredible airplane has an original Cessna look which makes it more stunning and attract many people towards it. Powerful motor and marvelous timing of flight is best feature in it. No LED lights but it has a wide range of flight which is approximately 200 meters.



  • Lithium battery is built-in 3.7V/130MA.
  • Flight time is round about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • It has no gyroscope sensor.
  • Comes with easy USB charger.
  • It has a good frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • Amazingly contains 3 channels.
  • Having a look on its length, it is 370mm.
  • Width of this airplane is about 500mm.
  • Sturdy and light in weight. Weight is only 58 grams.
  • It takes 40 to 60 minutes to charge completely.
  • Gaming is now made easy by using transmitter of 2.4G.
  • It will cost you a handful amount of about 52.24$.


  • 3 coreless motors give powerful boost to driving system.
  • Made up of EPP composite material.
  • Best in its flexibility.
  • Best to use for indoor as well as outdoor.


  • Ugly battery timing.
  • Not good for children under age of 15.
  • No LED lights as well as gyroscope sensor.

WLtoys Airplane:

WLtoys Airplane are highly designed with radio controlled system. 2.4GHz used in almost all aircrafts by Wltoys is remarkable because they have a wavelength of about 10 centimeter and signals are easily received by antennas due to this frequency. Good frequency range is also a plus point for your battery because it will take a little power. Wltoys airplanes allows a marvelous range of flight as well as every aircraft has its own range of distance. WLtoys Airplane do have brushed as well as brushless electric motor for proper working of WLtoys airplane. All WLtoys airplane have dynamic speed of fly and are compatible to fly up to 480km/h.

The bottom line:

WLtoys Airplane are good and reliable to use. These are designed for heavy duty and giving best services to you. Like other things it has a little flaw that it is only for 15+ children and have an issue with battery life. But it will never let you down in pleasing your child. If you are deciding to choose it, we wish you good luck!

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