The Importance of Advertising Photography

Most of us need to be exposed to the same advertisement repeatedly before we actually pay any attention to it, as we tend to have a limited attention span. Once we pay attention to a particular product, we are more likely to make a note of it and consider using it either now or in the future. However, a product probably won’t sell and a company can lose a potential sale if low quality photography is used.

Of course, we have all got used to the concept of photography being used to sell an item, product or service, whether it is on a highway billboard, a poster on the Underground platform, or a page in a magazine. The challenge that the photographer has is to capture the essence of what is being photographed, and at the same time fulfill the requirements of the advertising executives who are requesting the ad.

Advertising Photography

Often, pictures of products are represented by a graphic

Artist whose challenge is to depict the product accurately and realistically, be it a can of soda with water droplets on it or a bottle of perfume but without the lighting reflections. Other product photographs are based on a real image of the product in question.

The product has to be represented and depicted in such a way that it appeals to a consumer whose first thought is to go out and buy it. If you see an advert for a soda drink and the drops of icy water are rolling slowly down the side of the bottle or can, it makes it look a lot more appealing and desirable. The real work in advertising photography comes after the original idea has been generated, and it involves transforming the original photograph into something that appeals to consumers and represents the original concept behind the advertising.

A picture really is worth a thousand words and a combination of stunning photography and the right typography can get the message across and reach that all important target market.

Most advertising companies won’t have the luxury of a second chance to get their message across and make a point, meaning that perfection the first time is essential. Knowledge and skill, as well as a passion for the work all combine to help create a marketing and a brand image.

Carrying out the task of creating beautiful and memorable advertising photography is an important part of marketing, and can go a long way to attracting and keeping consumers.


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