Precast Concrete Versatility

Precast products are contrived in precast concrete plants under severely restricted conditions. The restricted plant environment has a stable temperature, standard shift patterns and a devoted personnel. In this way top class products can be made every day, not considering  the weather.

Available In A extensive Range Of Colors:

There are countless diverse aggregates and pigments that can be integrated into precast concrete plants or products, depending on the requirement or desire of a client. This gives hand to designers significant scope to create fine or contrasting colors.

Spectacular or dramatic architectural projects demand for dramatic colors, and precast here again gives the best solution by providing long-lasting white, off-white or black shades. Incorportedly colored precast components are permanent that never tend  to fade and will refuse to accept degradation in sunlight, but planners and builders can always advise on suitable colors for picky applications.


Can Be Cut To Suit:

Remarkable elasticity can be built into precast concrete plants. Along with window and door shapes there is also margin to design elements so that they are more evenly reinforced in some areas. For example these can be cut through at a later date according to the client wish to add a door between two rooms. Thin-walled knockouts are also regular in function products that are effortlessly adjustable to on-site circumstances and changes.

Flawlessly clear-cut:

The correctness and unit restricted setting in a precast concrete plants or factory are perfect for producing very specific, prickly fine points. This relies on the ability based skills of mold makers, and from first to last their expertise even minute details become probable.

Can Slot in Life-Size Images:

 By using a procedure called photoengraving, it is doable to turn precast concrete into a giant photo album! A dot matrix of the chosen photo or graphic image is efficiently reproduced in the facade of the precast element, so it will not grow fainter or wash away over time. This method is often used to dramatic effect.

When precast concrete is cast in the industrial unit, it gives the choice to lay down diverse colored layers of aggregates in the mold. When the exterior is exposed in varying degrees, the colors can really get breathing, creating a continuum of effects over a relatively small area.

Precast is faultless for today’s focus on saving assets and defending the environment through sustainable building practices. It helps in creating strong indoor environments. The simple lines and smart edges of precast concrete are painless to wipe,  and its durable, smooth touch and finishing does not gather dust, creating a healthier indoor environment.

Elematic is doing constant efforts to provide you this healthier atmosphere through its durable and reliable precast concrete products.

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