How to Recall Email You’ve Just Sent in Gmail, Undo Send in Gmail

Recall sent email or undo sent email is one of many features that have already been integrated in Gmail. However, users must enable it if they want to use. Thus, in this article we will guide you how to enable this useful feature in Gmail, please refer these following steps.

With an arm to provide users better services, we keep on referring to email tricks.  In previous article, we introduced you how to retrieve your Gmail password. In this one, we are going to guide you how to recall email that you’ve just sent in Gmail.


Nowadays, Gmail is one of the best web-based email services, which makes it more and more popular. Everyday, there are thousands of emails sent and received for the purposes of working and studying. With the “Undo send” feature, Gmail allows users to recall the email that they’ve just sent in a specific range of time, in case they encounter troubles or make mistakes when sending that email.


The conditions:

  • A Gmail account. If you haven’t had, you could sign up for a new Gmail account to use later. The process of registering for Gmail is quite simple and fast. Plus, after successfully signing up, you will be able to use other services of Google such as Google+, Google Map, Google Drive, etc.
  • Web browser: Use popular web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Recently, we’ve already update the latest versions of those web browsers.

Step 1: Sign in Gmail -> Select Account Settings

Go to settings tool of Gmail, click the wheel symbol (1) => Select Settings (2)


Step 2: A window appears, select Tabs (3) item:

In the box Search for a lab: enter Undo Send (4) feature => Select Enable (5). Click Save changes (6).


  • Gmail will automatically sign in again. Move to step 3.

Step 3: Undo Send Settings

After signing in Gmail again, go back to Settings window in Gmail, in General item, scroll down the mouse and find Undo Send (7) feature. Here, you have send cancellation period including 5- 10- 20- 30 seconds. As you can see, the maximum is 30 seconds, longer than this cancellation period, you will never be able to recall your messages. After that, click Save changes.


Complete setting, you should send any email to check the Undo Send feature. When sending email, you will immediately receive notification as below=> Select Undo (8) to recall your message.


After that there is one more notification of having recalled your message. Generally, this process happens quite fast.


To sum up, we’ve guided you how to undo send a message you’ve just sent, by this way, you’ll have up to 30 seconds to decide whether to cancel sending message or not. After this cancellation period, Gmail won’t allow you to do that anymore. However, if you really want to cancel that message, you’re still able to delete sent message by using Gmail add-ons on Google Chrome web browser.

Good luck!

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