Tips For Online Casino Poker – Discover How To Win At Virtual Gambling!

It is incredible how virtual gambling has now become the main source of income for many casinos, especially poker. It is incredible how in the last few years online poker has exploded to become the most popular game on the internet. There are now millions of players all over the world who are gambling big sums of money by playing Texas Hold Em poker on the web.

I have never seen such a gaming phenomenon grow so rapidly in such a short space of time. It has come to the point where many players are now making a full-time living playing the game. In fact, some of them have become millionaires as a result of this game.

I have listed below three powerful tips which will help you win at online poker:

Vary Your Playing Style: A key successful trait to have in poker is to be unpredictable. A big part of poker is psychological, it is about being able to out smart your opponents. If your opponents are able to read your playing style then you won’t go far. Because they will know when to flop or raise if they know your playing pattern. The best thing to do is to mix it up and let them second guess what type of hand you have. Every now and then show them you had a losing hand when you bluffed. Equally, show them you have a winning hand from time to time. Keep them on their toes.

Check-Raise: This is one of my favourites. When you have a good hand in order to encourage the other players to stay in the game and not scare them, check instead of raise. If one of the players raises then I want you to re-raise. This one drives them crazy! They will be so confused as to whether you have a monster hand or are bluffing.

Make People Pay To See The Flop: It is really annoying when players get to see the flop for free. What is most annoying is those with the average to bad hands usually end up getting something good on the flop. You don’t want that happen. The best way to avoid that is to make sure you raise during the pre-flop if you have a good hand. You shouldn’t allow other players to get into the game for free when you have a good hand. You should be winning those blinds!

Listed above where a few tips on how to win at online poker.

Abstinence Vs Sobriety

When deciding to get clean or sober, in some cases both, it doesn’t matter what your addiction is. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex or tobacco. Addiction is the problem and stopping whatever yours is, is a start. But, there is so much more to sobriety than just stopping. Living a life of just abstinence without sobriety (recovery) is a fast way to relapse and go right back to where you stopped at.

In recovery, the word Sobriety means so much more than being abstinent from alcohol and drugs. Abstinence is something that can be forced on a person through circumstances and by others, as well. While Sobriety is a lifelong personal commitment that requires effort and dedication to living a different lifestyle than we were before. Everything must change. Our way of thinking to how we handle stress if we want to live a life of sobriety and not just abstinence.

There is literally so many different ways to phrase being sober but not in sobriety. What it all comes down to is are you an addict/alcoholic? Okay, I am an addict. Did you stop using drugs or alcohol? Yes, I no longer get high. I stopped using heroin. Are you working on your recovery? Yes, I am working on my recovery on a daily basis. There you have it, three pretty simple questions. To see if you are living a life of sobriety or are you just being abstinent from drugs and alcohol and minus the recovery process.

Abstinence vs Sobriety- Which one do you want? I know that I chose a life of sobriety and it has been the best decision I ever made. I tried abstinence before and I didn’t get high but I was miserable and still living and acting like I was in my addiction. Today, I will choose sobriety because it is my priority! Please, make it yours.

I would like to say one more thing. This is to you, reading this right now. I do not care if you are the addict/alcoholic or someone you love is. Either way, you are suffering. No matter what in life is your obstacle only you really know. I am not here to judge you or anyone else. I’m saying this so you always know that you’re an amazing person who’s worthy of living a life of happiness and free from the pain you’ve been living with. Let it go and free you. You are worth it!

Horse Racing – A Statistical Approach To Betting On Horse Racing

Is a statistical approach to betting on horse racing the best strategy to win on horse betting? That question should remain unanswered because it depends on how accurate the statistics that you come up with from your research are. Yes, research is needed in this approach.

Some punters may say that the statistical approach has helped them win every bet, that may be true if they do not bet on horses for a living. A professional punter will never say that they win every bet, however a statistical approach might help to increase the chance of winning.

Number of runners, for instance, is a statistical approach that is discovered through analysis from many races during many years of research:

It is said that to maximize the potential of a win, a favorite should be selected in a race with as few runners as possible.

The statement is made according to the statistic that:

Favorites have a 50% chance to win the flat races when there are five or less runners.

When there are 6 or 7 runners, favorites have only 39% chance to win the race.

The percentage goes down to 35% when there are 8 or more runners.

Does it always work?

In gambling there is no such thing as certainty. That is why people keep researching to increase the win rate.

However, a statistical approach is a good system that is worth considering. There are many e-books about horse racing betting system available on the net. How effective are they? Some of them are very informative and useful. Some of them offers only a bit of information that you might have already known. This which means they contain only the basics of horse betting.

What We Know About Poker Pro Fred Sarge Ferris

When you think of all-time greats in the poker world Fred “Sarge” Ferris has to be at the top of your list. Ferris played poker and played it well. Realizing that some people play poker for fun and some played it as a hobby, few of them had what it took to play for a living. Fred “Sarge” Ferris knew he did.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris grew up in the Great Depression and his father did everything to put food on the table. Living in poverty, his brother enlisted in the Navy and later became a well-known watchmaker and jeweler. He wanted to choose a different path. So he picked up gambling. He didn’t call it gambling. He was a consummate professional, never showing off his cards or giving away any information.

Although not much for publicity, Mr. Ferris started getting the attention of the other players and media as well. He started winning big pots, and high stakes cash games garnering the respect of his peers. His first big win came in a deuce-to-seven draw in 1980 winning $10,000. He then won $150,000 and a gold bracelet in the World Series of poker. After collecting his winnings, Fred Ferris was approached by a man named Stu Ungar.

Ungar did everything he could to convince Ferris that he could win the World Series Of Poker, but needed Fred’s help with the entry fee. Fred was unconvinced at first to help him out, after Ungar told him he had never played in a tournament before. Never the less, here stood a man so convinced he could do that Fred gave him a shot. Fred approached it as no different than playing cards; to him it was just another gamble. Ungar played masterfully, out dueling Fred’s arch rival Doyle Brunson to win the World Series of poker.

On April 22nd 1983 IRS agents approached Ferris in the card room and seized $46,000 in chips. It made headlines in on news circuits while sitting at Binion’s Horseshoe at high stakes games. The money was then reportedly seized because of back taxes Ferris owed to the federal government. One of the agents told Ferris to use the remaining money and buy a taco.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris and his scandal outrage the local Hispanic communities. Protesting that one of the agents mocked Ferris’ ethnicity. His parents were born in Lebanon but he was somehow mistaken for a Mexican. This was all a misunderstanding. Ferris said the agent was trying to be nice. The incident died off eventually.

During most of his life, he spent all of his time at the poker table. It seems appropriate to have his tombstone made out of a poker table, he died there. On March 12th, 1989, after playing in a high-stakes cash game, He suffered a massive heart attack. His funeral was held in Las Vegas. Many people attended his funeral. People came to show their condolences, some were happy he had died.

However after everything Ferris brought to the game he became the 18th inductee into the poker hall of fame. Later that year after a long investigation by both Las Vegas casinos and the Indian gaming commission, Ferris would be linked as one of five men who was in debt to the mob. To Fred’s credit the mob would never see their money.

He will be remembered for his accolades and achievements in the world of poker. His intelligence for the game and his techniques have earned him the respect of future poker players. Fred “Sarge” Ferris was called a “consummate pro” for a reason.