Horse Racing – A Statistical Approach To Betting On Horse Racing

Is a statistical approach to betting on horse racing the best strategy to win on horse betting? That question should remain unanswered because it depends on how accurate the statistics that you come up with from your research are. Yes, research is needed in this approach.

Some punters may say that the statistical approach has helped them win every bet, that may be true if they do not bet on horses for a living. A professional punter will never say that they win every bet, however a statistical approach might help to increase the chance of winning.

Number of runners, for instance, is a statistical approach that is discovered through analysis from many races during many years of research:

It is said that to maximize the potential of a win, a favorite should be selected in a race with as few runners as possible.

The statement is made according to the statistic that:

Favorites have a 50% chance to win the flat races when there are five or less runners.

When there are 6 or 7 runners, favorites have only 39% chance to win the race.

The percentage goes down to 35% when there are 8 or more runners.

Does it always work?

In gambling there is no such thing as certainty. That is why people keep researching to increase the win rate.

However, a statistical approach is a good system that is worth considering. There are many e-books about horse racing betting system available on the net. How effective are they? Some of them are very informative and useful. Some of them offers only a bit of information that you might have already known. This which means they contain only the basics of horse betting.